• Rebecca is amazingly magical & healing!! I always feel better after I see her. <3" -- Kim N.

  • "Rebecca is a sweet and compassionate soul. I really enjoy the energy she spreads on this earth. Happy healing!" -- Carol C.

  • "Any offering that Rebecca extends to the community is a true gift!! Spending time with her and receiving healing assistance from her is authentic and transformative. <3" -- Amy M'Lynn B.

  • "Rebecca is absolutely amazing. I attended a cacao ceremony, yoni steam, along with several other classes and ceremonies that she was assisting in. She is so caring and truly listens to your needs. Her medicine and healing is priceless." -- Carla C.

  • "Rebecca is amazing at all she does. Which is saying a lot! I've had the opportunity to work with her one on one and take a weeks-long workshop with her. Through both the private session and the group one, I learned so much about myself. She's patient, understanding and really listens to you and guides her practice in a way that truly resonates." -- Mandi P.

Yoni Services:

  • "Rebecca held a yoni ceremony last Sunday, at "the Moon". An intimate setting with 7 women sharing space, healing and experiencing the support of our ancestors and guardian angels. It was soothing, peaceful and Rebecca held space for us with integrity and love. If you have or haven't experienced a Yoni Steam or as I knew it a Vaginal Steam, Rebecca facilitates it with grace. Offering breathwork and meditation/process to go deeper into the experience it was a powerful experience to connect yourself and source/God and celebrate the beauty that is within. I am excited to do it again and recommend it to everyone, not only Womxn." -- Laura D.

  • "I had the most amazing experience with Rebecca and Crystal. The Yoni Steam was so intimate and beautiful. I highly recommend [the yoni steam ceremony & sound bath] everyone should experience this healing, the sounds, the vibrations, and the level of elevation you reach is out of this world literally." -- Barbara C.

  • "I was able to attend a Yoni Steam & Sound Bath by Soul Blossom. This was such an intense and clearing experience. I have never felt so reclaimed in my life. The lightness & pureness I still feel so beautiful. I highly recommend!! I will definitely be returning!! Thank you Rebecca & Crystal for allowing me to be a part of this healing!!" -- Brittney C.

Ancestral & Energetic Healing:

  • "Shamanic Death Rites is a powerful ritual that fills in the holes of our otherwise uninitiated life events, transitions, losses, accomplishments, and any other time of shedding. Rebecca has the most profoundly beautiful, gently, loving, and supportive Death Rites Ritual. You will be... as I was and am forever grateful for her strength and gentle wisdom as she guides you through the cosmos and back." -- Lucia F.

  • "I have had the privilege of working with Rebecca for years now. I am honored to be in her presence every time I see her. 

    I received a Death Rites Healing recently that was grounding, balancing, healing, profound and beneficial for changes that have been coming in my life lately. She is an excellent guide and mentor, with mad skills to ground, clear and uplift one’s energy depending on what is needed in the situation. I feel safe and nurtured when working with Rebecca. 

    Rebecca has lifetimes of knowledge, a gentle, yet fierce, deep, loving, warrior spirit that is soothing and supportive. Her intuition guides her precisely where she is needed. I look forward to learning more and receiving additional healings from her.   Thank you for holding such amazing space for us and for dedicating so much time and healing energy for the Moon communities. Abundance, Love and support to you..." -- Laura D. CMT

Doula Services:

  • "I was blessed to have Rebecca's support during my pregnancy and birthing process. She was a calming supportive presence and she provided many resources and techniques to help me achieve the best birthing experience. Rebecca was empathetic, emotionally intelligent, and organized. She simultaneously gave me the physical and emotional support I needed and kept detailed notes during the entire process. She knew the doctors and nurses names, kept track of contractions, and took pictures for us. Rebecca went above and beyond for me! She was such an important part of my birthing process and supported me perfectly." -- Jennifer S.

  • "Rebecca is highly talented in her work as an Ancestral Healer, doula, teacher and guide. Inviting, fun and nuanced, Rebecca aids others in their paths to self awareness in their creation and their present self. Her honesty and depth during our Ancestral Healing Workshop connected to me and I was able to explore my birth story with absolute fulfillment. Speaking after about her expertise, Rebecca shared the international travel and explorational work she put into being the guide she is. I believe you are making the best decision for yourself by partnering up with Rebecca. I bet my bottom dollar on it!" -- Simone M. CD(DONA)

  • "I was accepted as a last minute attendee of Rebecca's Ancestral Healing class with Colorado Community Doulas. Although I didn't know what I would receive from this course I knew that I had to see for myself. It was one of those things that I didn't know I needed until I was in it. Synchronicities abound and I like to listen to the universe. I went in with pre-existing ideas of what ancestral healing and birth stories could do for my benefit in birthwork and in life. This course was everything and more! I appreciate Rebecca's authenticity and vulnerability during the entire 1 hour session. She guided us through a meditation and circle of openness with dialogue and non-judgemental acceptance. The course left me wanting more and I look forward to working with Rebecca again." -- Valerie K. Doula 

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